Beautiful Desktop Pen Box



Here’s a beautiful, yet somewhat understated desktop pen box.  It is finished in gloss black and two tones of gold outside and black and gold inside.

The box holds four pens, your current rotation, ready for use.  The pens reside in individual suedecloth lined compartments, each 7/8 inches wide and able to hold a pen up to 7 1/2 inches long.

The box measures 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches.  The lid is not hinged, it lifts off.

The four pen Desktop Pen Box is priced at $35 plus shipping.  If you are interested, please click here to email me for a shipping price quote.

I ship via USPS Priority Mail within the USA and by USPS International First Class Mail internationally.

Perdomo Reserve Petit Corona – Single Pen Display or Multiple Pen Storage

The Perdomo Reserve Petit Corona finished in gloss black with silver logo imprint.  It is quite small, measuring 7 1/2″ wide by 5 1/4″ front to back by 1 1/4″ deep.

This box is available in three configurations:

1. Single Pen Display

2. Six Pen Storage Box

3. Five Pen Storage Box

Single Pen Display – I can fit it with a single pen display tray in your choice of suede cloth colors. See the home page for a picture of the available colors of suede cloth.

Six Pen Storage Box – I can fit it with a pen tray to hold six pens up to seven inches long.  The tray can be lined with red or green felt.

Five Pen Storage Box – I can fit it with my saddle style pen compartments to hold five pens.  See the home page for a picture of the available colors of suede cloth lining.

In any configuration, the lid is secured with a rare earth magnet and the bottom is covered with soft foam (black, of course) to prevent scratching of your desk or table top.

Price in any of the three configurations: $20 USD plus shipping.  Three available.  Email me if you are interested…include your location for a shipping quote.

The picture below shows a Sheaffer Lifetime Balance for size comparison

The gallery pictures below show this box with an optional custom logo on the inside and a custom pen with green suede cloth draped in an artistic fashion.  I can also apply a custom logo to the exterior of the lid or simply remove the Perdomo logo for an elegant black box finish.  Custom artwork is extra cost, depending on the scope of the artwork.

Price: $20 USD plus shipping.

Three available.  Email me if you are interested…include your location for a shipping quote.

Cain Limited Edition – Glass Top Pen Storage – MORE AVAILABLE

Just when you think you’ve found somthing unique, another like it comes along.  Such is the case with the Cain Limited Edition glass topped box.

  I have somehow come across five more of these boxes!  I am bringing back an old post with pictures of a previous box because this is one that deserves input from the customer.  These boxes are not made from the usual cedar, but seem to be some harder Central American white wood.  They are completely unfinished wood when I get them.  I stained the previous one with my favorite Minwax “Gunstock” stain and finished the interior with a patterned suede cloth in a light green.  This time around, I’ll leave the color choices to the purchaser. Continue reading

CAO Criollo four drawer box

CAO packages its cigars in some unusual containers.  A few years ago, they produced some four-drawer boxes to fit several sizes of cigars.  These are no longer made and are highly sought after by collectors.  The smallest, the Pato, is limited to pens 5 1/4″ long, the Mancha holds up to 5 7/8″ length, and the Bomba and Conquistadore held six inch long cigars, so will accomodate most any pen.

I sand and varnish the exterior, carefully preserving the “pirate map” on the top and the CAO Criollo Story on the inside of the doors.  I also wax the drawers with antique wax so that they slide smoothly.

I replaced the original wax seal on the doors with a nice-looking “brass” latch and finished the inside of the drawers with a dark green microfibre suede cloth.  Individual dividers separate the pens.  The box will hold 20 pens and in the photos you can see a MB 149 with room to spare.

IThe Pato is priced at $125 plus shipping and I have one available.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

A New Style of Pen Compartment

I’ve used several different techniques to form individual compartments for pens in the boxes that I’ve re-purposed, including:

  • Flocked corrugated tray
  • Wood strips with felt faces
  • Wood strips covered with microfibre suede cloth
  • Cardstock folded into V channels and covered with felt or suede cloth
  • Felt folded and glued to make dividers

Each has its advantages, and some show off the pens better than others, but I’ve continued to look for another style.  Recently I found some vacuum formed plastic pieces in a cigar box and an idea hit me: paint the plastic, then fit microfibre suede cloth inserts into each channel.

My first such effort was in a CAO MX2 box that is covered inside and out with black “velvet.”  I used an all-black theme and achieved a rather dramatic result.  Next I decided to mix it up a little and combined brown suede cloth with the black plastic.  I like this look even better and will make it available as an option in many boxes.