Avo Uvezian Lonsdale – SOLD

Avo Uvezian Lonsdale cigar box for Pen Storage

Another elegant cigar box that can be re-purposed to store your pens beautifully and safely. This box is very similar to the Avo Uvezian Small Corona offered here, but just a bit larger. It measures 8″ by 7 1/2″ by 1 5/8″ and will hold 9 pens up to 7″ long.

The Lonsdale has curved sides, a pretty latch, and box-jointed corners, plus gold trim on the lid.

I can fit the box with a flocked pen tray in red or green to store your pens in velvet comfort. Your choice of color. A picture of the Avo Uvezian Small Corona interior is shown below to give you an idea of the inside.This beautiful box is priced at $20 SOLD plus shipping. If you are interested, email me with your location so that I can quote a shipping cost.

Avo Uvezian Small Corona Open with Pens


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