Avo Uvezian Double Corona – SOLD

Avo Uvezian Double Corona cigar box for Pen Storage

Here’s another of the Avo Uvezian cigar boxes that can be re-purposed as elegant storage for your pens. This Double Corona box measures 8 3/4″ by 8″ by 1 7/8″ and will hold 9 pens up to 7″ long.

The Double Corona has curved sides, a pretty latch, and box-jointed corners, plus gold trim on the lid.

I can fit the box with individual pen compartments lined in microfibre suede cloth in your choice of several colors to hold nine of your pens in velvet comfort.   Color choices include black, tan, light brown, burgundy, Kelly green, and yellow.  As with all my boxes, the bottom is covered with a soft foam pad to prevent sliding or scratching.This beautiful box is priced at $25 plus shipping SOLD

This is a box that I am able to get occasionally, so if you are interested, email me with your location so that I can quote a shipping cost and availability.


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