A New Style of Pen Compartment

I’ve used several different techniques to form individual compartments for pens in the boxes that I’ve re-purposed, including:

  • Flocked corrugated tray
  • Wood strips with felt faces
  • Wood strips covered with microfibre suede cloth
  • Cardstock folded into V channels and covered with felt or suede cloth
  • Felt folded and glued to make dividers

Each has its advantages, and some show off the pens better than others, but I’ve continued to look for another style.  Recently I found some vacuum formed plastic pieces in a cigar box and an idea hit me: paint the plastic, then fit microfibre suede cloth inserts into each channel.

My first such effort was in a CAO MX2 box that is covered inside and out with black “velvet.”  I used an all-black theme and achieved a rather dramatic result.  Next I decided to mix it up a little and combined brown suede cloth with the black plastic.  I like this look even better and will make it available as an option in many boxes.



3 thoughts on “A New Style of Pen Compartment

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