CAO La Traviata

CAO La Traviata 002The CAO La Traviata series has been my most popular pen storage conversion.  I have shipped them across the world, ranging from Perth, Australia, to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England – right on the English Channel.


The La Traviata series comes in five sizes, all are quite similar visually  From small to large, they are Divino, Favorito, Animado, Radiante, and Intripedo.  Here are some pictures comparing four of them.  Left picture, bottom to top Intripedo, Radiante, Favorito, Divino with the back edges aligned.  Center picture Intripedo, Radiante, Favorito, and Divino in front.  Right picture, same order as center, with lids opened to show interior treatments.

Click on thumbnails for a larger image

The La Traviata boxes are bare, unfinished wood when I receive them, so I apply Minwax “Gunstock” stain – a rich brown – followed by three coats of Minwax Polyurethane Varnish, hand-rubbed between coats with 0000 steel wool for a smooth satin finish.

All of the La Traviata boxes are deep enough to double deck, allowing for a large number of pens in a small footprint.  I can detail the interior in several colors, using felt or microfibre suede, and using several types of pen dividers, ranging from a flocked tray to microfibre-lined vacuum formed slots to individual wooden dividers with felt or microfibre facing to protect the pens.

The price of a competed La Traviata box depends on the size of the box and the interior treatment. If you are interested in a La Traviata, please email me. Be sure to include your location so that I can provide a shipping quote.

Below are some examples of La Traviatas delivered to customers in the past.  Top to CAO La Traviata 004 smallIMAG0342smallbottom: microfibre covered dividers, wood dividers faced with felt, and my newest style, the “saddle” compartments.


3 thoughts on “CAO La Traviata

  1. I’m interesting in La Traviata Box, that’s a beautiful pen case.
    I am living in Mexico, can you send me, this wonderful piece of art?
    How I can pay you?

  2. Fine! So just tell me which order I can fill to leave you my personal details like address, card, etc
    I will pay you via Paypal

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