SOLD: Cain Limited Edition – Glass Top Pen Storage

Just when you think you’ve found somthing unique, another like it comes along.  Such is the case with the Cain Limited Edition “glass” topped box.

  I have somehow come across several more of these boxes!  I am bringing back an old post with pictures of a previous box because this is one that deserves input from the customer.

These boxes are completely unfinished wood when I get them.  I stain them with my favorite Minwax “Gunstock” stain and finish the interior with a  color choice by the purchaser.

The remainder of this post describes the first box.

This is a first for me – a cigar box with a “glass” top, making it not only a storage case, but a display case as well.  The Cain Limited Edition is finished it with my usual: MinWax “Gunstock” stain, followed by three coats of MinWay polyurethane varnish, each hand-rubbed with 0000 steel wool for a smooth, satin finish.

The interior wood is stained the same as the exterior, and the pens are presented on felt-lined supports, with suede cloth covering the bottom.  As on all my boxes, the outside bottom is covered with a 2mm layer of foam for a non-skid, non-marring surface that will protect your desk or table top.

The box measures 10″ by 8 1/2″ by 1 3/4″.

As you can see in the pictures, the box will handle all but the very smallest pens.  The pens pictured range from an Eversharp Skyline demi to a MontBlanc 149.

This unusual box is priced at $50 plus shipping.  I have several just one available at this price.  ALL SOLD – No More will be available.   If you are interested, please email me with your location for a shipping quote.

Click on thumbnails below for larger images.



Name: Cain Limited Edition
Outside Size: Width: 10 inches Depth: 8 1/2 inches Height: 1 3/4 inches
Capacity per layer: ten pens up to 7 inches long
Number of layers: One
Exterior Color: Minwax Gunstock stain Finish: Hand-rubbed
polyurethane varnish
Interior Color: User’s choice  see colors on
home page
Pen Compartment: two point support,
felt covered
 see photo
Latch Type: Two rare earth


One thought on “SOLD: Cain Limited Edition – Glass Top Pen Storage

  1. That is a REALLY nice box, and the price is surprisingly low for a box of such lovely wood. And with a glass opening? Impressive!

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