La Gloria Cubana Generoso

Unusual Box for Pens and Ink – on your desk

Here’s a really fun cigar box that will hold even the tallest bottles of ink and look great on your desk. It’s a La Gloria Cubana “Generoso” and yes, it’s hex-shaped. It measures six inches from face to face on the hex and five inches tall. The lid slides open.

The images posted here are of a box I sold previously.   I have more of these that I can complete to your specifications.

First, I fitted a hex-shaped tray that will hold several pens, plus accessories like cartridges or converters in individual red felt flocked compartments.  Red ribbons allow you to easily lift the tray out to access the ink bottles below.

Red felt pads both the inside bottom of the ink compartment and the bottom of the box as well so it won’t scratch your desk.

The price of this neat box is $40 plus shipping.  If you are interested, please email me with your location for a shipping quote.

Name: La Gloria Cubana Generoso
Outside Size: Width: 6 inches Depth: 6 inches Height: 5 inches
Capacity per layer: three pens up to 6 inches
long (varies)
Number of layers: One
Exterior Color: Gloss Red with gold logo Finish: Factory Applied
Interior Color: Your choice – red is
 See Home
page for color
Pen Compartment: individual
Latch Type: None, sliding lid

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