Really Special! My Father Limited Edition – ALL SOLD

The My Father Limited Edition box offers an opportunity for a really handsome fountain pen storage unit.  As it came from the cigar factory it had two removable solid wood trays, each containing six high-end cigars in glass tubes.  The trays and entire interior of the box were unfinished wood.  It was fitted with really nice quadrant hinges, much like a jewelry box.

When I looked at the box, I could visualize it with a finished wood interior and with carefully lined, padded compartments for fountain pens.  With that in mind, I went about creating this really special container for your pens.

The interior is carefully sanded smooth, then stained with Minwax “Provincial” stain, which is a good match to the factory exterior.  I applied three coats of Minwax Polyurethane Varnish, hand-rubbing each coat with 0000 steel wool before applying the next coat, ensuring a smooth, satin finish.

The former cigar tube compartments are individually lined with a plush velour in a shade of teal that exactly matches one of the colors in the beautiful labels on the lid and inside it.  Your pens will lbe cradled in comfort in these compartments.

For the details of how I converted these boxes to pen storage, click here.

I have experimented with some other colors of suede cloth as linings for the pen compartments and have added some pictures to the gallery at the end of this post showing how the following colors would look in the box: Teal, Gold, Tan, Burgundy, and two varieties of Leather-patterned suede cloth.

Both trays can be lifted out of the box, and the bottom one is fitted with ribbon lifts to facilitate easy lifting, while the top tray can be grasped easily through finger cutouts in the box sides.

I have just acquired two more of these My Father Limited Edition boxes, and I can fit the compartments in any color of your choice.

This box measures 9 1/4″ wide by 8 1/2″ deep by 3″ tall.  It weighs about three pounds – lots of really solid wood!

These boxes are priced at $75 each, plus actual shipping cost.  SOLD If you are interested, please email me with your location for a shipping quote.

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