Making the My Father Limited Edition Pen Storage Box

Have you ever wondered what goes into converting a nice box like the My Father Limited Edition into an elegant pen storage unit?  I’d like to share some before and after pictures with you.

See the next post for the finished box…

The exterior of this box is beautifully finished as it comes from the factory and no work is required other than to add a pad to the bottom to prevent scratching of your desk or table surface.

Inside is a totally different story.  Nothing is finished; it is all rough bare wood.  The cigars that it held were protected in individual tubes, so the bare wood was not an issue.  But, your pens deserve much better.

I sand every surface, then apply a MinWax stain that matches the exterior color.  Then, each part is varnished with three coats of MinWax polyurethane satin varnish, hand-rubbed between each coat with 0000 steel wool for a smooth finish.  This picture shows one of the side pieces before and after.

The trays require a good bit of work.  First, they do not have an end cap to prevent pens from sliding right out the end of the compartments.  So, I use my band saw to trim just enough off the end of the trays to allow room for a 3/32″ end cap, cut to fit.

The trays are sanded and finished just like the rest of the interior, then individual compartment liners are cut to fit the complex curved surface.  This picture shows the unfinished tray and the completed one, ready for your pens.

I hope this gives you an idea of the hours of work that go into this transformation.

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