Avo Uvezian La Trompeta – Pen Storage for a Music Lover – SOLD

The Avo Uvezian La Trompeta is a well-made box featuring a musical motif on the lid and a capacity of ten pens.

La Trompeta is factory finished on the exterior in a light brown stain and the image of a trumpet player.  It has finger-jointed corners which are both attractive and sturdy.  I can remove or retain the tax stamp – your choice.

Inside, I will fit my “saddle” style pen compartments in your choice of available felt or suede cloth colors.  See the home page, about halfway down, for material color images.

Since La Trompeta does not come with a latch, I will add rare earth magnets embedded in the wood for secure closure.  The bottom of the box will be covered with 2mm brown foam for a non-slip, non-marring surface to protect your desk or table top.

La Trompeta is priced at $25 plus shipping SOLD.  If you are interested, please email me with your location so that I can provide a price quote.


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