ALL SOLD: Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Limited Edition

I acquired this cream-colored double-tray Jaime Garcia box some time ago, but customer orders have kept me so busy that I’ve not had time to finish it until now.  The exterior is a beautiful glossy cream with royal blue lettering, but the interior was completely unfinished, raw wood.  It originally held sixteen cigars in individual glass tubes, but I could see sixteen fountain pens nestled into individual suede cloth lined compartments.

I completely disassembled the box, sanded every surface on the inside and the trays, and painted the interior to match the outside.  I added ends to the trays (there were none originally) to keep pens from sliding out accidentally, and I added gold lift ribbons to the bottom tray to facilitate lifting it out of the box.

For lining, I chose royal blue suede cloth, and I hand fitted the lining to each of the sixteen compartments.  The same cloth is on the bottom of each tray.  The underside of the box is covered with black felt for a non-marring finish.

My favorite cigar shop has some more of these boxes, and if I get my hands on one I’ll offer it for sale, but this one is going to store my own pens…for now.

Price: SOLD $75 plus shipping.

The cigar shops tell me that there won’t be any more of these boxes…ever.


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