LFD Mysterio Oscuro – SOLD

The LFD Mysterio Oscuro is a beautiful box for five pens of almost any size.  The exterior is finished in a rich red-brown with gold logo and a “brass” latch.  Inside, the lid is lined with a black velvety material bearing the gold LFD logo and the pens are cradled in a cream colored flocked tray.

As you can see in the photos, the pen slots are large enough for almost any pen.  That is a Montblanc 149 in the center slot.  The pens are not included.

The box measures just 6 1/2″ by 8″ by 1″ deep and I have covered the bottom with a 2mm foam pad to prevent marring of your desk or table surface.

The Mysterio Oscuro is priced at only $15 plus shipping.  I have two of these boxes and will sell both for $20 plus shippingSOLD If you are interested, please email me with your location for a shipping cost quote.

Name: LFD Mysterio Oscuro
Outside Size: Width: 6 1/2 inches Depth: 8 inches Height: 1 inch
Capacity per layer: five pens up to 7 inches long  
Number of layers: One    
Exterior Color: Red-brown Finish: Factory Applied
Interior Color: Black velvet inside lid,
Cream pen tray
Pen Compartment: Individual flocked pen
Latch Type: Brass snap latch    



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