Pens at the ready, but protected – SOLD

Here’s a new idea.  I came across a tall, slender box from Tatuaje Cigars and wondered how I might be able to use it.  A suggestion from a customer combined with my own thoughts and the result is The Recliner – desktop pen protection for your current rotation.

The box measures 3 1/2″ square by 8″ tall and has a sliding lid.  It is finished in Minwax “Gunstock” stain plus three hand-rubbed coats of satin polyurethane varnish.  The bottom of the box is covered with 2mm thick foam to prevent sliding.  I have left the colorful cigar box labels as they originally were affixed to the box.

Opening the lid reveals the handle used to lift six pens into ready position.  Pull the handle up, flip the support sideways, and the pens sit nicely at the ready, nibs up as they should be.

Each pen is supported at two points where the only contact is with soft felt.  When you want your pens out of sight, yet readily available for use, simply lower them back into the box and slip the lid into place.

The Recliner is priced at $25 plus shipping SOLD.  If you are interested, please email me with your location for a shipping quote.


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