Perdomo Epicure – for your regular rotation of pens

Perdomo Epicure closedThe Perdomo Epicure was sold in this box for Christmas, 2012.  It’s a small box, measuring just 5 3/4″ wide by 7″ front to back by 1 1/2″ deep.  Though it is a cigar box, the logo in gold and black is tastefully done and does not shout CIGAR!

The Epicure will hold six pens up to 6 inches long.  Each pen sits in its individual suede cloth lined compartment, ready for use, but protected from the other pens in the box.

This would make a very good box for your desk to hold your regular rotation of pens.

The box pictured, lined in red, is for a friend, but I have one more and can do it in the color of your choice.

The Epicure is priced at $25 plus shippingSOLD If you are interested, please CLICK HERE to email me and include your location for a shipping cost quote.


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