Desk Sets

I have a small collection of fountain pen desk sets – nothing very rare, but some are interesting…

Some were chosen because I like their looks, others because I like the pen itself, still others because of their creative or unusual designs.

The first group shown here were picked for their looks.  Click any picture to enlarge.

Eversharp Skyline from the 1940s with Ship’s Wheel BaseEversharp Ships Wheel 1Eversharp Ships Wheel 2Eversharp Ships Wheel 3

Unfamiliar maker “New Domain” art deco style base.  This one has a rounded underside, made of what appears to be rosewood, that makes it appear to float above the surface, yet it is surprisingly stable:

New Domain 2

New Domain 1New Domain 3

Sheaffer art deco base with a first generation Dry-Proof socket.  The socket places this set at 1935-39:

Sheaffer Deco 3Sheaffer Deco 1Sheaffer Deco 4





Sheaffer late 1920s three-ring base and matching pen:Sheaffer Three Banded 2Sheaffer Three Banded 1





Sheaffer 1940s Triumph with pen and socket that match and a marble base that is just perfect for the colors of the pen and socket:

Sheaffer Triumph 1

Sheaffer Triumph 2

A 1930s Silver Crest set made by Smith Art Metal in the Arts and Crafts style.  This set is as found, not cleaned up at all.  It has a socket made by Wahl Eversharp.
Smith Art Metal desk set 003Smith Art Metal desk set 001Smith Art Metal desk set 005

Smith Art Metal Desk Set Smith Art Metal Desk Set with Red Ripple Wahl Pen full view


The next one is a creative approach to a desk pen.  Ariel Kullock has created a replacement barrel for a Parker 51 aerometric that ends in a broad flat surface so that the pen can sit upright when capped.  It is ready to write simply by removing the cap.

Kullock 51 Base 2Kullock 51 Base 1Kullock 51 Base 3


Haeger Pottery of Ohio produced a series of ceramic desk set bases for Parker.  Here’s one I found at an antique shop in Indianapolis, complete with the original sticker.Haeger base


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