Frankenpen III ½

Esterbrook new nib in penRecently I purchased an Esterbrook desk pen on ebay.  When it arrived, I was surprised and pleased to find that it had an Eversharp Skyline 14K gold nib instead of the usual steel Esterbrook nib.  I inquired about this swap and found that it is relatively easy to do.

The Esterbrook screw-in “Renew Point” nib assembly consists of three parts:

  1. The nib
  2. The feed
  3. The collar

The nib and feed are pretty standard items, much like those found in any open nibbed fountain pen.  The collar is a thin plastic or rubber cylinder that is threaded on the outside and smooth on the inside.  The nib and feed are a friction fit into the collar just as they would be into most fountain pen sections.

The trick to transplanting a non-Esterbrook nib into the Renew Point assembly is to apply some heat to the collar and gently work the nib and feed out of it.  I’ve found that it is possible with the right diameter hole in a knock-out block to gently drive the nib and feed out of the collar just as you would from a section – but gently!

Once the nib and feed are out, fit the new nib to the Esterbrook feed, or alternately fit a feed that matches the nib, then warm the collar and press the nib and feed into the collar.  Obviously you are limited on the size of the nib and feed that will work, and I have only used the Esterbrook feed, choosing a nib of a suitable size.

So, I had a nice no-name 14K nib and an Esterbrook Renew Point assembly with a hopelessly damaged nib.  I applied heat and gently drove the feed and old nib out of the collar.  I cleaned the feed – this is always a good idea – aligned the 14K nib to the Esterbrook feed, warmed the collar again, wet the nib and feed, and pressed the nib and feed back into the collar.

At this point all that is left is to screw the assembly into an Esterbrook pen and write.  My 14K no-name nib writes very smoothly, so I’m pleased.

Since I did not change the pen, let’s call this Frankenpen III ½


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