Frankenpen III

Frankenpen III uncappedYesterday, out of the blue, another Frankenpen project whirled into view.  A friend who knows my fountain pen addiction dropped off a ziploc bag of parts pens.  In the bag were three Sheaffers – two with Triumph nibs and a slim one one with a slim Lifetime nib; one Waterman Black Hard Rubber model 12 1/2 with all its parts but in mediocre condition; an Artcraft beyond any possibility of restoration but with a great gold nib; and a brown, green, and black no-name pen in translucent plastic.

The no-name caught my eye because of the pretty plastic and a closer examination turned up no dents or scratches, so I took a further look.  A very large 14K nib looked out of place and actually came out when I fiddled with it.  There was no ink sac in the pen.  So, someone had started to repair this pen, but never finished.

I quickly discovered the likely reason that the project was abandoned: the nib was simply too large for the feed and section and no amount of persuasion would fit it into its proper place.  So, the pen needed a smaller nib, and I had the slim Sheaffer with a nice Lifetime nib…just the thing.

The Sheaffer feed was too large for the no-name section, so I tried the Sheaffer nib against the no-name feed and found a good fit, so a little heat, a little water a good push, and the Sheaffer nib was installed!

Because the pen barrel was so translucent, I decided to use a silicone semi-transparent ink sac.  The result is that I can hold the pen to the light and see the amount of ink remaining – a full length ink-view window!

The final test was to fill the pen with ink and try some writing.  The nib is a nice smooth medium – I didn’t have to do anything to it except clean it up – and the ink flow is toward the wet side, but not excessive.  I’ve written with the pen over a 24 hour span now and had no problems with skipping, leaking, nib creep, etc.  So, I believe I’ve made another pretty, good writing Frankenpen – Frankenpen III.

Frankenpen III Capped


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