SOLD: Ten Pen Case with a View

Acid Kuba Deluxe in Burgundy closed with pensThis Ten Pen Case began its life as an Acid Cigars Kuba Deluxe.  The box had a good shape, was well made, and best of all, had an inlaid plastic view port that would allow the contents to be seen.  But, it had some genuinely ugly logos, both on the outside and inside of the lid.

Removing the logos proved impossible without sanding right through the veneer on the lid, so I decided that the box would have to be painted.  I posted the question of color on FPN and the first choice was burgundy, so burgundy it is.

Going with the burgundy theme, I found some matching suede cloth to line the lid and the pen compartments.  There is a touch of black around the edges of the pen compartments, but the overall effect is monochromatic and I think it shows the pens off to great advantage, whether open or closed.

The Ten Pen Case with a View is priced at SOLD If you are interested, please click here to email me and be sure to include your location so that I can provide a shipping quote.

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