Yet Another Frankenpen – I seem to be on a roll…

Frankenpen IV uncappedA pretty little ringtop pen in red and bronze marbled celluloid turned up in a lot of pens that I purchased recently.  It had no name and no nib but was otherwise in pretty good condition.  This small pen with a double cap band brightened up nicely when I used some of Ron Zorn’s special pen polish on it.

I’m one of those people who would rather repair something than just throw it away.  I knew this pen had little value to a collector, but certainly it was pretty enough to become a daily writer for someone.  I looked around for a donor nib and found a sad Sheaffer that someone had laid on something hot, with disastrous results.  A basketweave pattern was  impressed into the plastic all the way down one side, and it was warped and discolored.  It’s only saving grace was a 3-25 non-Lifetime nib that looked to be in good condition. 

My first thought was to try to use the Sheaffer nib, feed, and section in its entirety, but the section was too small for the no-name barrel.  Next I thought I’d use the Sheaffer nib and feed in the no-name section, but the feed turned out to be just a tiny bit too big in diameter.  I briefly considered trying to make the feed fit, but a trial fit of the Sheaffer nib on the no-name feed looked pretty good, so I wound up using only the Sheaffer nib.

I cleaned the nib, feed, and inside of the section thoroughly, scraped the remains of the ink sac off the nipple, and made certain that I had gotten all of the old sac out of the barrel.  I then used a  little heat plus some water to help me push the nib and feed into place and found that they made a very good match.  I added a number 16 sac cut to the correct length, and let the shellac set.

A light dusting of talc helped the sac slide into the rather tight fit in the barrel and I pressed the section home. 

The tines of the Sheaffer nib were slightly misaligned, making for a scratchy feel in moving from left to right on paper.  It only took a small tweak to get them into proper alignment and the writing smoothed right out.  Very smooth for a fine point, in fact.

Now I have a sweet-writing, attractive red and bronze ringtop that is a very good daily user pen, and a bit unusual in its appearance – Frankenpen IV.Frankenpen IV capped


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