Fourteen Pen Carrying Case and Ink Vial Wrap

I received a request to create a carrying case to enable transporting pens to a Pen Posse meeting.  I had on hand a La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros box that seemed just perfect for the job, and the customer readily agreed.  This box has an unusual split lid that closes very securely and is already fitted with a sturdy latch.  I added a nice leather carrying handle and covered the unfinished bottom of the box with felt.

The inside was a challenge.  How to secure the pens in place, not touching one another, yet be displayable and easily removable at meetings, etc.  Ultimately I used some pre-formed pen trays such as pens are shipped in by several major manufactureres.  I thought these would be very secure, and they are.  Now, how to keep the pens in place?  With my wife’s assistance, we created two soft pads that can be laid on top of the pens.  With the lid closed, the pens are then quite secure.

Why two pads?  Well, I thought that the owner might want to carry something other than pens to the Posse meeting, so leaving one pad out allows room for other items, such as a journal or our joint invention – an Ink Vial Wrap.

The ink vial wrap holds five of the typical sample ink vials securely for travel to a Posse meeting.  My first effort at the structure was less than perfect, partly because I had no vials to go by.  But the owner rebuilt the structure, which still fit into the carrying pouch created by my wife.  The Ink Vial Wrap can lie on top of one of the pads for a trip to the Posse.

Here’s the whole array of components, with the two pads at the top, the secure pens in the case in the middle, and the closed up Ink Vial Wrap at the bottom:


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