Vertical Pen and Ink Box

I received an unusual request recently for a vertical box that would hold several pens and two bottles of Noodler’s ink.  He wanted a small box, easy to move around the house, and he wanted a monolithic black look.

We decided to use a Tatuaje box that is about 4 1/2″ square and 8″ tall – just barely tall enough to hold two Noodler’s bottles stacked one on top of the other – along with five pens.

A wide lift ribbon solved the problem of how to reach the lower ink bottle, and a pocket carved into the inside of the lid keeps the top bottle in place.  All of the holes for the pens and bottles are lined with, what else, black felt, and a black pad is in the bottom of the box so that the tips of the barrels touch only soft foam.

A 2mm foam pad on the bottom of the box completes the all-black theme and provides a non-slip, non-scratch finish to protect any surface.


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