Vintage Cigar Box Repurposed for Pens and Ink

A fellow visitor to the Fountain Pen Network saw some of my work and asked if I could remodel an antique cigar box into storage for a combination of pens and ink bottles.  He sent me the box and I finished it to his specifications.

Because the box was in such good condition, I did not want to change it any more than necessary, so the only permanent change is the support rail that runs around the inside of the box to suppor the movable pen tray.  The tray itself is made from wood from another cigar box and is finished in yellow suede cloth covering saddle style pen compartments.  It holds five pens.

The ink bottle compartment is padded on the bottom with a layer of burgundy suede cloth, with the original cedar sides still visible.  Taller bottles, such as Noodler’s, can stand to the side of the pen tray while shorter bottles can be placed under the tray.  The tray can slide from one end of the box to the other for easy access to the bottles.

Read the review by the owner of this box here:

Click on the images below for a larger view.


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