An “Antique Mall” Find!

Recently a friend who shares my interest in fountain pens told me that he had seen an old fountain pen store display at an “antique mall” just off I-65 near the Alabama/Tennessee state line.  I drove the short distance up there to check it out and found an Eversharp counter top display case complete with working fluorescent light that illuminates the Eversharp sign at the top and the interior contents as well.

After a bit of negotiation, I was the new proud owner of the display case.  Inside the case is a promotion for the old CBS radio show “Take It or Leave It” that played from 1940 to 1947 and was sponsored by Eversharp, so that dates the case to that era, most likely toward the end, after wartime production restrictions were eliminated.

For those who are interested, “Take It or Leave It” did not end in 1947, rather it changed its name to “The 64 Dollar Question” and became the forerunner to the famous TV show “The $64,000 Question” of the mid 1950s.

I brought the case home, gave its curved glass front a good cleanup and plugged in the light.  After adding some of my Eversharp Skyline pens – certainly appropriate to the case – I took the pictures below.  The case is missing a display tray that hung vertically at the top of the back, but I plan to make one to fit there.

Click on any picture to enlarge.



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