SOLD: A REALLY Secure Pen Case

OK, it’s not kevlar, so it’s not bullet proof, but the sides are nearly 1/4″ thick solid wood.

The lining is baize – the stuff that covers billiard tables – which is pretty tough to withstand pool cues and such, yet it’s very soft at the same time, made of 100% wool – natural fiber – to protect your pen in travel.  There’s enough of the baize to wrap over the top of the pen, keeping it from ever touching anything except, that’s right, the baize.

The lid slides in full-length grooves, so it’s not going to pop open at the least opportune moment and let your precious pen fall out.  The corners are finger jointed for real strength as well as good looks.

What is this amazing REALLY Secure Pen Case?  It’s a small box that originally contained just one Don Pepin Garcia Limited Edition 2013 cigar.  No, that cigar was not nearly as valuable as your pen, but then the baize lining wasn’t in the box either.  I’ve repurposed a nicely made box to be the ideal carrying case for pens up to 6 1/2″ long and 7/8″ diameter.

Some people are paying from $300 to $700 for leather pen cases lined with kydex, which is a sort of plastic used in forming knife sheaths and some gun holsters.  These cases look very nice, but I’ll bet they don’t protect your pen better than this repurposed cigar box.  For one thing, they are leather lined, and I’m not sure that leather is the best surface to be against the finish of your pen.  Wool, on the other hand, is probably OK.  And, the difference in the cost of those cases vs. this one could pay for another pen.  How does that strike you?

So, spend your money wisely, get this REALLY Secure Pen Case for $50 plus shipping and spend the rest on another pen – you do NEED another pen, don’t you?  I know I do!

Price: REALLY Secure Pen Case – $50 $30 plus shipping

25% off thru Feb 2 = $22.50 plus shipping     SOLD

If you are interested, click here to email me for a shipping cost quote.  Be sure to include your location or ZIP code.

Click on pictures to enlarge them.  That’s a Montblanc 149 in the pictures to show you that it will hold really large pens, but the pen is not included in the price of the case.


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