Fountain Pen Day – Friday, November 1

Friday, November 1, 2013, is the 2nd annual Fountain Pen Day.  The official web site for FPD is

Here are some suggested ways for you to celebrate FPD:

1.    Write a letter to someone with your favorite fountain pen and ink.  Under your signature you can write the pen & ink you used.
2.    Go through your stationery collection and use some of those you have saved for a special occasion. Surprise a friend with that vintage paper.
3.    You can make up a FPD “intro to fountain pens” pack for a friend like this.
4.    Post on your favorite forum or blog by writing it out with your fountain pen. Then take a picture of it and post it. Again, under your signature write what pen & ink you used.
5.   Instead of typing Facebook status updates and tweets on Twitter, write them and upload a picture of them (mention the reason that you’re doing it at well.)
6.    Take one of the pens you don’t use anymore and send it off to a friend with a handwritten note. If you don’t have any pens you want to part with you can shop one of the online retailers and have it sent direct to them.
7.    Make that the weekend you have your pen club meet up.
8.    Turn off your computer and put down the phone and spend some time writing.


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