An Art Deco Borzoi

The Art Deco era yielded an enormous variety of decorative desk set bases.  This one is by Sheaffer and features a wolfhound, a Borzoi, on a gold, black, and chrome base.

The base is small, only 2 inches by 3 inches, and is fitted with the third variety of socket that Sheaffer employed.  This socket was designed to resemble the new Balance pens with their streamlined shape, and succeeded to earlier sockets that were much more squared-off in their design.

This set still has a partial factory sticker on the bottom that identifies it as a Model 906.  This model appeared in the Sheaffer catalog of 1931.  The sticker says that it cost $11.50 with a model 74D pen – the white dot Lifetime model – but the pen with this set is the low end 3-25D, which could have come with the base at a somewhat lower price.

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