Jumping Rays of Cabo San Lucas – Not about pens…

The jumping rays of the Sea of Cortez/Cabo san Lucas are a unique sight in all the world.  These Mobula Rays – like a small Manta Ray, but similar in size to an Eagle Ray – jump up to two meters out of the water.  Why do they jump?  There doesn’t seem to be any agreement on this question, but seeing them jump, sometimes just once, sometimes several times in succession, is quite interesting.

Getting photos of the jumpers is challenging because one never knows where the next jump will occur.  I was standing on the beach taking these pictures and I’ve cropped and enhanced them quite a bit.  This is a pair of rays that jumped in synchronized fashion.

Click on the image below to see a large version.  This is a GIF animation and will loop three times, then stop.  Hit the back arrow to return here.

Jumping rays animation

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