SOLD: An Unusual Box – LFD Double Ligero

I now have three more LFD Double Ligero boxes available.  The information below describes one that I sold recently.  I can finish the three boxes in any stain and with your choice of lining colors.

————————–description of previously sold box follows————————-

This box must have held some really long cigars!  By any measure it is truly unusual.

This box measures nearly 11 inches wide, 10 1/2 inches front to back, and just 1 1/8″ tall.  Inside, there are ten compartments, each long enough for two Sheaffer Tuckaways or a large desk pen, so it could hold as many as 20 pens, depending on their length.

I have stained the wood with Minwax Red Mahogany and applied several coats of Minwax Satin Polyurethane varnish, hand-rubbed with 0000 steel wool after each coat for a deep, luminous finish.

The individual compartments are lined with the finest dark green baize – that’s the woven felt-like material used on billiard tables, made of 100% wool.

The pens in the pictures include a Montblanc 149, a Wahl-Eversharp Red Ripple desk pen, several Sheaffer Military Clip Balances, and two Tuckaway pen/pencil pairs.

The Double Ligero is priced at $50 plus shipping.  ALL SOLD Please click here to email me for questions or a shipping cost quote.


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