A 1928 Sheaffer “Lamp Deluxe” desk lamp

I’ve been collecting fountain pen desk sets for a while, mostly Sheaffer and Eversharp, and the idea of getting a vintage Sheaffer desk lamp was in the back of my mind.  Just imagine my surprise when I went to the Atlanta Pen Show earlier this year and saw on Rick Horne’s sales table exactly that sort of lamp.

The lamp was in excellent condition except for one major problem: it was missing its brass shade, and those can be hard to find (and pricey when they are found).  But, I had to have it, so made a deal with Rick and brought it home.

It sat on my workbench untouched for a couple of months until I saw an Amronlite desk lamp on ebay.  Amronlite made the Sheaffer lamps, so many of the parts are interchangable.  I bid on and won the lamp on ebay and I was able to use the shade, the lamp socket, and the curved bracket that holds the socket to complete the Sheaffer lamp.

A local lighting store had the old-fashioned cloth-covered lamp cord and a vintage style plug, so I rewired the lamp with those parts.  Another ebay purchase yielded a Sheaffer desk pen of exactly the right sort to fit the socket on the lamp, so it is now complete and functional again.

According to the 1928 Sheaffer catalog, this lamp is their “Lamp Deluxe” and it has a supposedly Egyptian motif (actually Babylonian according to Roger Wooten) on the upright.  They later changed the name and the Deluxe was applied to a different lamp, but this is the real thing.  I’ll be using this lamp and the pen on my desk.


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