SOLD: Four Pen Desktop Box with Red Baize Lining

This small box, measuring just 8 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches, makes a great desktop container for the pens in your daily rotation.

It began life as a Padron cigar box, but I have sanded and varnished the unfinished inside and lined the pen compartments with very high quality dark red baize material.  Made of 100% wool, baize is the same material that covers good billiard tables, much like felt, but woven instead of pressed  and with a softer texture, good for pens.

As you can see in the accompanying pictures, I am offering three options for the inside of the lid (no charge for any option):

  • Original inside, which unfortunately includes the Surgeon General’s Warning imprinted into the wood.
  • With vintage map and compass artwork – the picture shows this just laid in place, I will flatten it into place if you choose this option.
  • With vintage postcard artwork – again, just laid in place in the picture, but flattened properly if you choose it.

The bottom of the box is covered with a soft pad to prevent scratching.

The Four Pen Desktop Box with Red Baize Lining is priced at SOLD.  If you are interested, please click here to email me for a shipping cost quote.  Be sure to include your location or ZIP code.


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