SOLD: Unusual Eight Pen Box


This Eight Pen Box is repurposed from a Room 101 Master Collection cigar box.

The exterior is all original:  a gloss black finish (even on the bottom) with a silver design on the lid that is vaguely Oriental.  The lid is not hinged, it lifts off to reveal on its inside a silver grey lining with another rather Oriental design in the center.

I have continued these design themes as I repurposed the box for pens.  I found a closely-matching silver grey microsuede fabric which I used to line the box bottom and sides.  I used black for the structure of the pen compartments and lined them with the same fabric.

The microsuede fabric provides a soft bed for your pens – eight of them, each up to seven inches long – so that they touch nothing else.

Since the bottom of the box is finished in the same gloss black, I can provide the buyer with four options: 1) leave it as is, 2) attach small clear non-skid feet to lift the box slightly off the surface below, 3) same as 2, but use black felt feet, or 4) cover the entire bottom with either black 2mm foam or black felt.  Any of these options is included in the price.

The box measures 9 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches.

The Unusual Eight Pen Box is priced at $45 plus shipping. SOLD  If you are interested, please click here to email me for a shipping cost quote.  Please be sure to include your location or ZIP code.

I ship within the US via USPS Priority Mail and outside the US via USPS International First Class Mail.



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