SOLD: CAO La Traviata Animado 12 Pen Box – trade-in bargain

I just took this La Traviata “Animado” 12 pen box as a trade-in from a customer for a larger box.  It has been used for less than a year and is in like-new condition.  It is particularly attractive because this is one of the older style La Traviata boxes and is made of Spanish Cedar with box-jointed corners.  The newer boxes have mitered corners and are not as attractive.

The Animado will hold twelve pens, each up to 5 1/2 inches long, in individual red felt-lined compartments with wooden dividers.  It is a very good look, and protects pens well.

New, this box would sell for $50 with this style of divider, but I will offer it in its slightly used condition for $40 plus shipping. SOLD That is a 20% discount.  If you are interested, please click here to email me for a shipping cost quote.  Be sure to include your location or ZIP code.

I ship via USPS Priority Mail in the USA and by USPS International First Class Mail outside the US.

One thought on “SOLD: CAO La Traviata Animado 12 Pen Box – trade-in bargain

  1. Dear John,

    My ten pen Italian themed plain box just arrived in Sydney in perfect condition. Thank you. It’s perfect for my needs at the moment, and as another of your customers noted, it looks even better ‘in person’ than in the photos. I’ll write you a proper review of the product and your excellent service later. Until then,

    Kind regards – Scott Roberts

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