SOLD: Seven Pen Blue and White Box

Closed, showing lid design

Closed, showing lid design

I came across this attractive blue and white box – NOT a cigar box – recently and immediately thought it would make a very nice desktop pen box.

I’ve lined the box entirely with black material and fitted it with seven individual pen compartments, each lined with black microsuede.

The box will now hold seven pens, each up to 6 1/8 inches long, each in its individual compartment, touching nothing but the microsuede compartment lining.

The lid is fitted with a black support cord and the bottom of the box has four “feet” to protect your desk or table surface and also to prevent sliding.  The box is quite heavy and has a substantial feel.

The Blue & White Seven Pen Box is priced at $40 plus shipping. SOLD If you are interested, please click here to email me and be sure to include your location or ZIP code for a shipping cost quote.

I ship via USPS Priority Mail in the USA and via USPS International First Class Package internationally.

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