I’m not sure whether I want to sell this one…But I Did!


This is a fifteen year old box by Seijas Cigars – Jose Seijas Signature Series 2000.  I found it not too long ago, looking pretty sad.  Someone had bought it fifteen years ago and it had accumulated a serious layer of dirt and pet hair.  Plus, one of its three lift-out trays was missing.

I looked at it and decided that it had promise, so brought it home.  It has sat on a shelf in my workshop for several months until I finally decided that it was time to give it some attention.  Well, it was worth it!

The treasure chest shaped box is covered entirely in soft red leather – even the bottom!  The inside is lined in Spanish Cedar and the two remaining lift-out trays are from that same wood.

I measured the existing trays and fabricated a replacement for the missing one, although I had to use different wood.  I did stain the new tray to approximate the color of the originals, then varnished all three plus the interior of the box with Minwax Satin Polyurethane Varnish.  I hand-rubbed the varnished surfaces with 0000 steel wool for a really smooth finish.

Then I turned to the dirty leather.  A careful cleaning with Lexol Leather Cleaner removed years of grime and the color began to come back.  Then I rubbed in Lexol Leather Conditioner and it really glowed.  I have to admit I am pretty pleased with the result.

Details:  the box will hold fifteen pens, five in each tray.  The trays are lined with burgundy microsuede cloth so that pens never touch anything else.

Now that I’ve done all this work, I like this little box quite a lot and I’m not really sure I want to sell it.  I’m pretty sure I won’t see another one like it, nor will you.  So, I’m willing to take offers to see if someone wants it more than I do.  If you really would like to keep your pens in this unusual box, make me an offer at BamaPen@jehubbard.com  I’ll consider every offer and let you know what I think. SOLD, Reluctantly


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