SOLD: Eight Pen Double Decked Box – Eiroa


Here’s a small box that will hold eight pens ready for your use.  The box is by Eiroa and is a nicely made box  with one unusual aspect: it has a lift off lid rather than the more usual hinged lid.

Inside, I have fitted a pen tray that holds four pens and lifts out to reveal four more beneath it.  Each tray will hold pens up to 6 3/16 inches long and as fat as a Montblanc 149 – or even a bit fatter.

Because the bottom of the box is even prettier (in my opinion) than the top, I have used four foam “feet” to provide non-slip, non-marring protection instead of my usual full foam pad.  Not that you will have much occasion to turn the box over, but if you do, there is that pretty underside.

The box measures 5 x 7 x 2 1/2 inches and is finished in a very dark brown.  I stained the interior in a contrasting reddish brown and the pen trays and pen compartments are lined in tan wool material.  Your pens will not touch anything but the wool.

The Eiroa Eight Pen Box is priced at $35 plus shipping. SOLD If you are interested, please email and include your location or ZIP Code for a mailing cost quote.

I mail by Priority Mail in the USA and International First Class Package outside the USA.

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