Another Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp with Patricia's Shade (6) smallBack in June, 2014, I wrote about restoring a 1928 Sheaffer Lamp Deluxe.  While I was working on that lamp, I bought another Amronlite desk lamp for parts.  Amronlite made the Lamp Deluxe for Sheaffer, so many of the parts are interchangable.  I was able to complete the restoration and the Lamp Deluxe has been in regular use on my desk.

That left the Amronlite parts lamp sitting on a shelf in my workshop, missing a shade and the part that supported the lamp socket, and after a while I began to feel guilty about its condition.  I found the socket parts rather easily on ebay, but the shade was a problem – after all, getting its shade for the Lamp Deluxe was the primary reason for purchasing it in the first place.

A Google search showed me some stained glass shades that various people had made to replace missing originals.  The original shades for these lamps were either metal or slag glass – green outside and white inside.  I showed pictures of the stained glass shades to a friend who works in stained glass and she agreed to make one for me.

That turned out to be a rather difficult challenge because of the angles of the sides of the shade and also building in the strength to deal with its single point of support.  But, after a couple of tries, Patricia presented me with a beautiful and functional shade.

That challenged me to finish the job, so I carefully cleaned the dirt of the ages off of the lamp, then gave it a light coat of museum quality wax to bring out what was left of its bronze shine.  I used vintage reproduction cloth-covered lamp cord and a vintage style plug to rewire it, then added a 2mm foam pad to the bottom to protect surfaces.  As a finishing touch, I replaced the pull chain with a vintage reproduction chain that features a small acorn as the decoration at the end.

I would like to fit a fountain pen base into the 3 x 3 inch opening in the base, but for now I have placed a Sengbusch inkwell there and laid a dip pen in the hooks at the front edge of the lamp base.

The lamp sits proudly on the secretary in our living room.

Emeralite partner lamp with Sengebusch inkwellsUPDATE: A further internet search turned up this picture of an Emeralite Partner Lamp with four Sengbusch inkwells.  The owner claims that the inkwells are original to the lamp.  Because of that, I now think that the Sengbusch inkwell that I just happened already to have may very well be the right thing for this lamp, so I’m leaving it as it is.



2 thoughts on “Another Desk Lamp

  1. I recently acquired two of the Amronlite desk lamps both are missing the shades but otherwise great condition. I also work with stained glass. Would you mind showing me how the shade is attached to the lamp?

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