An Upscale Parker 51

Dove Grey 51 with Faivich Cap

Dove Grey 51 with Faivich Cap and Minuskin Stub

A while back I built a Parker 51 from parts found in a parts bin.  It is a Dove Grey pen with vacumatic filler system and a Lustralloy cap with “jewelers band” and nickel plated clip.  The cap was missing its jewel and the vacumatic filler needed major surgery, but other than that, everything I needed was in that parts bin.  I was quite pleased with the outcome since the pen actually wrote quite well once it was assembled.

More recently I acquired a 0.9mm stub nib for a Parker 51 from Greg Minuskin, who is a master of the retipped nib.  Check out Greg’s work at his site:  I have four 51s, and all have either fine or extra fine nibs, which is typical of 51 production.  Wider and specialty nibs were available, but are rare.  I chose my built-from-parts 51 as the candidate for the new nib, in part because I knew I could disassemble and reassemble it easily.

Also, earlier this year I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I met Mauricio Faivich and purchased one of his well-known hand-hammered caps for a 51.  I decided that the Faivich cap and Minuskin nib should be on the same pen, so the Dove Grey pen from parts now sports some really upscale components.  And, as you might expect, it writes very nicely as well.

The writing sample below is on Rhodia paper and is written with the Fountain Pen Network’s Van Gogh Starry Night Blue ink, made for FPN by Noodler’s.

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