SOLD: Ten Pen Box – Avo Uvezian “The Dominant 13th”

The box pictured in this post is sold, but I have an identical box that can be fitted out in similar fashion.

Dominant 13th open upright

This box originated as the 2013 Limited Edition from Avo Uvezian Cigars.  Avo Uvezian, the owner, a celebrated jazz musician, commissions one limited edition each year – special cigars in a specially designed box.  The 2013 edition was entitled The Dominant 13th in reference to a particular musical chord frequently used in jazz.

For this edition, he wrote a short piece of music entitled “Delightful Days” using the dominant 13th chord.  The cigar box resembles a music book and inside the front cover is the music he wrote.  Opposite that originally were the cigars, plus a USB drive with a selection of his music and a video of him playing the piano.  A rare earth magnet provided positive closure.

I have rearranged the box to hold ten pens, each up to 8 inches long, and each in its own individual compartment.  The pen compartments are flocked with blue velvety material to match the color of the written music.  I’ve added two strands of elastic cord to secure each pen into its compartment even if the box/book is upright.

The USB drive contains his music and video.

On the front of the box, where there was once a rather unsightly paper label, I’ve added a simulated closure ribbon affixed with a fountain pen nib.  A gold silhouette of Avo Uvezian with a cigar decorates the cover.

The box/book measures 11 3/4 inches tall, 9 1/4 inches wide, and one inch thick.

The Dominant 13th box is quite rare, so this may very well be the only one I am able to offer repurposed as a pen box.  You won’t see another one like this!

The Dominant 13th Ten Pen Box, complete with music on the USB drive, is priced at $85 plus shipping. SOLD If you are interested, please email me at and include your location or ZIP Code so that I can provide a mailing cost quote.

I ship via USPS Priority Mail in the US and by USPS International First Class Package outside the US.

Click on any image to open the gallery for enlarged views of all the pictures.  Note: the box pictured here was sold, but I have an identical box that can be fitted out in similar style.

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