SOLD: All White – Perfect for Black Pens

Churchill closed

This Davidoff Churchill box has a gleaming white finish, with slight burgundy stripes and a profile of the great man himself, Winston Churchill, on the lid in gold.  Inside the lid, the exterior theme is repeated.

Although I’ve never done an all white box before, this one just told me to stick with the all white theme.  I varnished the bare interior wood, which makes it fall into the gold family, and used an all white pen tray to complete the look.  Black pens – or other colors – have never stood out quite so nicely as they do on the white background.  I hope you like it!

The Davidoff Churchill box measures 8 1/8 inches by 8 inches by 1 7/8 inches deep.  It holds eight pens, each in its own velvety compartment, each up to 7 1/8 inches long.  The pens pictured here include a Montblanc 149, which has plenty of room to spare.

As always, I’ve added a 2mm thick foam pad on the bottom of the box to protect your surfaces and also prevent inadvertent sliding.

The Davidoff Churchill is priced at SOLD

If you are interested, please email me at and include your location or ZIP code for a mailing cost quote.

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