SOLD: Red Eight Pen Box

Enclave Churchill closedThis Enclave Churchill box is a throwback design to the vintage cigar box, but underneath the decoration is a solid wood box with strong hinges and a positive latch – a really interesting combination!

Sticking with the red theme, I’ve added red ribbon stops to keep the lid from opening too far and a red velour pen tray to cradle your pens safely.

The box measures 9 inches wide by 8 3/8 inches front to back and 2 inches deep (230mm x 210mm x 50mm).  To protect your desk, I’ve attached a 2mm thick foam pad to the bottom of the box.

Inside, the red ribbons stop the lid at a good angle, and the eight individual pen slots will accommodate pens up to 7 inches (180mm) long.  The pens in the pictures include a Montblanc 149, so you know that most any pen will fit in this box.

The Enclave Churchill Eight Pen Box is priced at $45 plus shipping. SOLD If you are interested, please email me at and include your location or ZIP Code for an accurate mailing cost quote.

I accept payment by PayPal, or if you prefer I can email an invoice which you can pay securely with a credit or debit card.

I mail by USPS Priority Mail in the USA and by USPS International First Class Package outside the USA.

Click on any image to open the gallery for a larger view:


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