Custom Box with Family Crests

Custom San Lotano Toros for Maria Bissell closedRecently I received a request for a custom made box as a gift for a family member.  The design was to include two family crests, one on the lid and one inside, and the box needed to hold eight to ten pens.

I selected several boxes from my inventory and sent pictures.  A San Lotano Toros was chosen because it has a raised center panel suitable for the exterior artwork.  Also, my saddle style pen compartments was preferred.

The customer sent scans of the two family crests, both high resolution but from originals in poor condition.  Some time in Photoshop yielded very good cleaned-up versions which I overlaid on some digital vintage paper.  Then the crests were printed in the right sizes.

I sanded, stained, and varnished the interior of the box, which was originally bare wood, then lined the pen compartment with black microsuede and inserted the ten pen saddles with black microsuede linings.

Finally I attached the artwork and attached a 2mm foam pad to the bottom of the box.

Click on either image to open the gallery for a larger view:


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