Sold: Travel Box for Three Pens

Davidoff Millenium Blend closedThis Davidoff Millenium Blend Assortment box is just the right size to carry three pens in safety in your backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase.  Its sliding lid will stay closed under almost any circumstance, and inside, three pens will stay snuggled in their individual compartments, touching nothing but the flocked velour surfaces and the microsuede cover.

I’ve sanded, stained, and varnished the inside surfaces that were originally bare wood, then lined the compartment with soft tan felt.  Three compartments from one of Pendorapens wonderful pen trays were trimmed to fit exactly into the opening, and a cover of tan microsuede was added to keep the pens from contacting the inner surface of the sliding lid.

The Travel Box for Three Pens is priced at just $25 plus shipping. Sold If you are interested, please email me at and include your ZIP Code or location for a mailing cost quote.

I accept payment by PayPal or by request I will email an invoice which you can pay securely with a credit or debit card.

I ship by USPS Priority Mail in the US and by USPS International First Class Package outside the US.

Click on any image to open the gallery for larger views:


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