SOLD: CAO Conquistador – Four Drawers, Sixteen Pens

cao-criollo-conquistador-closed-front-viewTen to fifteen years ago, CAO Cigars packaged their Criollo cigars in unusual boxes with multiple small drawers.  Occasionally I find one of these and convert them to pen boxes.  There were several slightly different sizes of the boxes; this one is a Conquistador, which held cigars that were 6 1/8 inches long and 52mm in diameter.

Like all these boxes, this one was completely unfinished wood inside and out, so I smoothed all the surfaces with fine sandpaper and 0000 steel wool, then varnished with Minwax polyurethane varnish, followed by another rub of the steel wool for a satin finish.

I fitted the four drawers with pen trays that hold four pens, with each pen up to six inches long, for a total of sixteen pens.  In the pictures you will see my Montblanc 149 and a couple of even larger pens enjoying a comfortable fit in the drawer. I chose burgundy for the pen tray color to match the colors on the “pirate” map on top of the box.

The box measures 5 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall by 7 inches front to back.

I applied a 2mm thick foam pad to the bottom of the box for a non-marring finish.

The Sixteen Pen CAO Conquistador is priced at $125 plus actual mailing cost. SOLD If you are interested, please email me at and include your ZIP Code or location for an accurate mailing cost quote.

I take payment by PayPal or if you prefer I can email an invoice which you can pay with a credit card.  I mail by USPS Priority Mail in the US and by USPS International First Class Package outside the US.

Click on any image to open the gallery for larger views:


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