SOLD: Moore’s Midget Safety Pen

I’ve decided to sell my Moore’s Midget “non-leakable” safety pen ringtop. You can read more about it in another post here on my blog site: My First Safety Pen

Here are some details:

Barrel imprint “Moore’s Midget Pat.Sep.8,1896
Side of Barrel end cap: “2.E0” and “10”
Cap imprint “Moore’s Quick Turn Cap Pat.29,1903
Nib imprint “The Moore” There could be more on the nib, but if so, it is hidden.

Measures just 3 3/4 inches when capped. The cap will post, and has the pin inside that prevents damage to the nib if the user attempts to put the cap on without first retracting the nib.

The pen came with a neck ribbon (sautoir) with a University of Michigan clasp and a gold/gold-filled attachment clip. The ribbon appears to be woven silk and may be original.

The pen is in excellent condition, sharp chasing and imprints, dark black hard rubber, writes nicely with some flex and I have not had it to leak.

The nib (original) provides significant flex in the hands of one practiced in using it.  I’m not!  But I have attached my poor effort at a writing sample to show what it can do.

I can provide more specific pictures if requested.

Asking SOLD plus actual mailing cost from Alabama. I take payment by PayPal. Offers will be considered.

Please contact me by email to


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