Fountain Pen Genealogy

On April 18, 2013, I won an eBay auction for an Artcraft BCHR ringtop pen.  When it arrived, I found the following inscription on the ⅜” wide cap band:


The barrel is imprinted:

            Cromer              Pen Company
Artcraft         X         Fountain Pens
Birmingham                     Alabama

with the Artcraft logo, shown below, in the center of the imprint where I have placed the X.

Artcraft paleteThe end of the barrel is imprinted .

When I acquire a personalized pen, I am always curious about the story of the original owner.  In addition, Artcraft pens are a special interest of mine. Continue reading


Artcraft Fountain Pens

Artcraft Fountain Pens were manufactured in Birmingham, Alabama, from as early as 1920 until 1934, when the company moved to Argentina.  Because Artcraft was the only company ever to manufacture fountain pens in my home state, I have a special interest.  In addition to collecting several Artcraft pens, I’ve gathered a good bit of information about the company and its principal founder, Ford Cromer. Continue reading