Bradley and Hubbard Desk Set – New Additions

Earlier this year, I posted a description and pictures of a brass desk set by Bradley and Hubbard of Meriden, Connecticut.  At the time, I had acquired and restored three pieces: the oval blotter, the oval pen tray, and the hand-held ink blotter.  You can read the original post by clicking here.

At that time, I had found a nearly identical set in the Smithsonian collection and realized that the original set included three more pieces: the lidded inkwell, the letter opener, and the letter holder.  That set me on a quest to find the missing pieces.

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Sheaffer Art Deco Dual Pen Desk Set

Sheaffer Black and Chrome art deco dual pen desk set front quarter viewBlack and chrome, it practically screams Art Deco.  This Sheaffer dual pen desk set is definitely from the Art Deco era.  My expert tells me that this is a a model P074 base from 1936 and originally sold for $12.50 with two pens with number 3 series nibs.

The sockets are second generation Dry-Proof sockets.  The enlarged top part of the socket can be turned to lock the pen into the socket, presumably keeping it from drying out between uses.  Again according to my expert, this system did not succeed in keeping the pens wet, but it did not break as easily as the first generation.  One of these sockets still turns to lock in the pen, while the other has been broken and glued together.

In the pictures below, you can see that the lip of the section has a slight taper which was designed to mate with a tapered inner surface inside the socket, sealing the nib from the air.  Earlier Sheaffer desk pens have a flat face on the section.

Twin set 33 nib Twin set 3 nibThe pens are correct for this base, one with a number 3 nib and the other with a number 33.  These are base model pens; the 3 series nibs were the smallest Sheaffer made.  The 5 series was mid-sized and the Lifetime nibs were the largest.  One of the pens, like its socket, is not in great shape.  The fill lever is missing and someone has used pliers on the section, leaving some ugly dents there.  I’ll be looking for suitable replacement parts.

Eversharp Skyline Desk Set with Gold Derby

Eversharp Skyline Desk Set with round onyx base detail

Eversharp Skyline pens are a fascination of mine, and when I discovered that they had made desk sets in the same series, I had to have one.  Well, I now have more than one because it seems that I can’t stop with just one.

This one is a fairly high end version, featuring a gold “derby” on the trumpet, much like the gold “derby” on the higher end pocket pens.  It also carries the Wahl-Eversharp gold seal with double check marks and has a first generation Skyline “banner” nib with the teardrop imprint around the breather hole and slit.

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Titanic Desk Pen – custom made by Darrell Eisner and me

Titanic 2

My friend and penturner Darrell Eisner of Halifax, Nova Scotia, made a fountain pen commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  I saw a similarity between the cap of the Titanic pen and my Eversharp Skyline desk sets and asked Darrel to make a new cap top with a small hole drilled in the very top.

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