Custom John Steinbeck Box

Steinbeck pen box_3From time to time I have added to my Great Writers series of boxes, which has included Cervantes, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and C.S. Lewis (search “writers” to see examples).  Recently a Steinbeck fan asked me to create a box with that theme.

I’ve read Steinbeck, but did not have any solid ideas for how to represent him – yes, dark, but what else?  The design became a collaborative effort, with the customer providing favorite quotes, me combining them with Steinbeck images, and ideas being tossed back and forth via email.

This slide show displays some of our options:

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Eventually we settled on a plain black box with black interior, plus a Steinbeck photo and quotes inside the lid and his signature on the lid.  Very simple, definitely dark, and quite effective.

As I write this, the box is in transit to its owner in Australia.  He’s already seen photos, so I’m posting them here for anyone else to see.  We will add photos of the box in use with his pens as soon as we can…Click on any image to open the gallery.