SOLD: Five Pen Box, Marbled with Copper Interior

Five Pen Marbled Box with Copper Interior closedThis stunning five pen box is marbled inside and out with black, teal, gold and copper.  The pen compartments are individually lined with copper suede cloth to protect and cradle each pen.

The box can handle pens up to the size of a Montblanc 149.  The pens pictured are:

  • Sheaffer PFM
  • Artcraft ca 1930
  • Montblanc 149
  • Artcraft flattop ca 1925
  • Waterman Phileas

The pictures really tell the story; you can picture this box on your desk holding your current rotation of pens.

The Five Pen Box, Marbled with Copper Interior is priced at $25 plus shippingSOLD

If you are interested, please email me with your location so that I can provide a shipping cost quote.


Another Box Just for Me – I ran out of storage space! I HAD MORE OF THESE, BUT THEY ARE ALL GONE NOW

Marbled El Primer Mundo closedThis box began life as an El Primer Mundo cigar box.  I’ve marbled it with black, teal, gold, and copper (sometimes twice) and fitted the interior for pen storage.

The inside of the lid bears an original artwork by me featuring vintage handwriting,  postcards, and other interesting handwritten items.Marbled El Primer Mundo open with pens

If you want a little more “steampunk” motif, I have some alternate artwork that I can provde.

Marbled El Primer Mundo pens detailThe pens are contained in individual compartments lined in a deep rusty red shade of suede cloth, and the pens pictured are my family pens, plus the first vintage pens I collected.  In the center are a Parker 51 Special – my father’s – and a Sheaffer TM Tuckaway – my mother’s – with matching pencil.  Flanking those on the right is a Laughlin eyedropper filling pen that belonged to one of my paternal grandparents, and on the left is my mother’s father’s Hudson pen.  Further to the right are a Parker 51 and a Ford’s pen and pencil set, and to the left of the Hudson are a Sheaffer slim Targa that I’ve owned for many years and a Sheaffer “fat” Valiant Touchdown.

The bottom of the box is covered with a 2mm thick foam pad to provide a non-skid surface that also protects a desk or tabletop against scratching.

The box measures about 10″ by 7″ by just 1″ thick and makes a nice statement in my office. 

If you like this box, CLICK HERE TO email me, because I have two more of these El Primer Mundo boxes that I can finish similarly. 

These are priced at $30 plus shipping.  SOLD