Customer Comments

Frequently I receive nice messages when a customer receives their box.  Here are some:

  • Fantastic Box mate. Fits everything in it (that i wanted to put in it) I never anticipated a rotring core or lamy nexx pen cap fitting in any pen box slot in the world, but nor did I want to put my cheapo fp’s in a box like this.
  • Great work. I’ll be in touch if my alter ego is vile enough to purchase another 15 or so expensive fountain pens”
  • I just wanted to let you know that I got the boxes today – looking good! Thanks for a nice deal and for wonderful products.
  • The boxes have landed, and things of beauty they are.  I will send you some pictures, as soon as I (somewhat obsessively) decide which pens belong where.  Decisions, decisions.  Many thanks & very best regards,
  • Just received the box today, and wow! It looks great!
  • I just received the boxes. They are beautiful!!! They are well worth the wait.
  • I really like my pen/cigar box – it always has pride of place on my desk.
  • I received the four Rocky Patel boxes today and am very, very happy. I love that the tray inside fits even my largest capped pens. The work is incredibly clean, and those boxes are just gorgeous. I have the perfect place all set up for them, and am going to have some fun this weekend organizing which pens go into which box. …Thanks again for doing everything as promised and keeping me updated throughout the process. I will be back and hope you’ll be making these for a long time. 😉
  • The box arrived today in fine shape.  Thanks for the fast service.  It is exactly what I wanted and expected — a really fine way to store my small (but growing) assemblage of pens.
  • John, I just received my new pen box. Wow–it’s absolutely lovely. Thank you so much!The box arrived yesterday, safe and sound.  It is better in person than even the pics show.  I have filled it up and snapped a quick pic.  I’ll take a better one when I have access to my camera.  I am very pleased with the case.  It is as beautiful as it is useful.  The size is perfect for my needs.
  • I received the four pen “map of the world” case. I absolutely love it, I will be using it on my office desk. Thanks so much for the great communication and fast shipping.
  • I received the pen box today. I have to say it looks even more stunning in person than in the pictures you posted on FPN!…I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog/FPN listings for future purchases. Thanks again!
  • I received the Year of the Snake pen box and it is beautiful!  Thanks so much!
  • Thank you very much, the post has delivered the box! It is gorgeous!…All the best, I am looking forward to buying another one(s) from you!
  • …the boxes arrived and are perfect thanks 🙂
  • Received your box the other day. Great work, it looks beatiful! Got through customs OK too 🙂
  • The boxes arrived on Friday, a most welcome surprise after a long and arduous week. They were packaged well enough that they arrived completely undamaged and my expectations were pretty high as I began to unpack them.
    Notwithstanding this, my expectations were still surpassed. The boxes are magnificent – they could not be better. The condition of the original boxes must have been very good and after going through your umpteen-stage process they just look fantastic. The lining of each box suits the box perfectly; I agree entirely with your insightful choice of colours.
    The Criollo box is my favourite. It is wonderful. I have not decided what to put in it yet, but it seems right for my Parker 45s and I have enough of them to fill it. It’s smaller than I apprehended it would be; this is a good thing.
    That is not to say I do not like the other box. It is terrific – a bit more luxurious I think, perhaps a function of the red lining. I currently have a limited edition Montblanc set in there (Thomas Mann 3-pen set) and it looks great – it’s on display in my home office.
    To summarise – thanks again. I am delighted with my purchases, in which you clearly invested considerable time and care, and you will probably hear from me again once my pen collection outgrows its current accommodation. Thanks!
  • I got the WONDERFUL boxes earlier…The boxes are a big hit and I’m so happy with them. I enjoyed the whole process: selecting the boxes, working out the details with you, and of course the lovely unique boxes I received.  Thanks so much and I’m sure you will be getting another email from me in the future about my FP storage needs!
  • Just a quick note to say that I received the case I ordered from you previously. It is absolutely fabulous.  Thank you very much for making this for me, it is very much appreciated and my pens look far more at home in this case than they did in their own manufacturer supplied boxes.
  • Thanks so much for the pen stand! I really love how it came out! My pens now have a worthy home instead of a cheap mug.
  • Got it today, and it’s awesome.  I’m very happy with it.
  • The Canada Post truck pulled up outside my door just as I was finishing my coffee this morning … and just as I hoped, the postman handed me a little parcel, with my pen box inside.  I was a bit later to the office than I planned. The box is lovely – and even smaller than I expected, which is a pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t sure where the box was going to go, but small as it is, it fits next to my reading chair in the space formerly occupied by my pen-bearing goblet.
  • Just a quick note to say that I received the case I ordered from you previously. It is absolutely fabulous.  Thank you very much for making this for me, it is very much appreciated and my pens look far more at home in this case than they did in their own manufacturer supplied boxes.
  • The box is gorgeous, exactly what I had in mind.  Thanks so much for your beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Received the pen box a few days ago – it’s GREAT!!!  Love it.  Beautiful job, fine workmanship and I’m more than pleased.
  • I received your wonderful pen case today. I love it! Will send a photo.  Thanks. I’ll order another very soon!
  • The pen box arrived today and is awesome! I posted a picture on Twitter and will send you a picture once I add some pens to it. It has a place of honor in our living room!
  • I finally picked up the pen box.  It’s lovely!  I very much like the little tethers you’ve installed to keep the pens from bouncing around during travel.
  • Received your box the other day. Great work, it looks beatiful! Got through customs OK to:)
  • Even better than the pics ! The quality of the green lining is quite good and the standard of your craftsmanship is indeed brilliant.  I am very happy.
  • Rec’d my sweet pen box  — great!!
  • Here you go (referring to an attached photo). I like the box very much.
  • I was pleasantly surprised when I received a pen and an ink storage box as a gift from  my wife, and was truly impressed by your craftsmanship. I’m using it exclusively for my vintage pens at the moment and have attached pics of the same. Thanks for the fantastic work, and I hope to order some more soon!
  • WOW!! Beautiful.  I hadn’t realized how heavy and sturdy the Garcia box was. I’ve attached a couple of pictures.  I really hope I can get another one of these days.
  • Man its BEAUTIFUL. As soon as things settle down around here ill send you pics of both with my pens in them. My kids think its very nice.  My daughter is jealous. If your work load allows perhaps you could do one for her for Christmas?  Thanks again for the fine work.
  • Really and truly, thank you very much.  It’s fantastic.  Such a work of art and craft.   Great choices.  I’m sure my Quixote-fan friend will love it.  And, thank you for working with me on the timing – much appreciated.  That was above and beyond.  Plenty of time to get it there. It’s been a pleasure, John, thanks again.
  • I just wanted to say the boxes look great, especially now filled with my flock of Pelikan’s and other pens. I really appreciated the work that you put into the boxes, especially the Jamie Garcia.
  • I received the box over the weekend. Wonderful work!
  • Finally back home from travels and able to fill your nice box. I really like the look, John, too. You do good work. Thank-you.
  • just wanted to let you know I received your boxes today and to say how pleased I am with them. I was very surprised at just how quickly they arrived and wish that Ebay items could be sent this quickly. Some of my fountain pens have already found a new home. Great boxes.
  • Got the boxes today – thanks for the quick shipping.
    I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about ordering these. I’ve admired your work on FPN, I know it sells (so it must be good, right? ’cause people on the Internet buy it), but I couldn’t be sure unless I’d seen one in person – which I can’t do unless I buy one.
    Then I saw these. Part of me said, “Just get one and see how it goes.  Limit your exposure.” But the other part said, “They’re perfect for you.  And why would you want to pay double shipping to get them one at a time (if the other one is still available)?” So I took a deep breath, and bought.
    Been waiting on pins and needles for two days. Did I do the right thing?
    Then I opened the shipping box. Wow. I love them both! Perfect size for what I want – one for home, one for work. The rest of my pens are _so_ jealous! Gonna have to keep peace by rotating them through – at least for now. Also have to start saving, because I’m pretty sure you’re going to have another “perfect” solution (hopefully, not to soon, though).  Many thanks again and enclosed are a few pics
  • I realy love your boxes and its always a pleasure doing business with you.  You can be sure I will order new boxes in the future. Because I am always on the road for my job, I need small boxes for transportation (1 or 2 pens).
  • The box arrived safe and sound and it looks just great on my desk – the quality of your work is exceptional. I’m pretty confident that I wil be ordering an ink box from you at some stage in the future. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to do business with you.
  • Thank you for the beautiful boxes! They look great on my writer’s desk
  • Ok….on the 23rd of December I had decided that since the parcel had not arrived that a photo copy of boxes would be wrapped up. Then the Christmas miracle happened on December 24th at around 1:00pm the boxes arrived! Devine intervention I would say. Hahaha. My son loved the boxes. They registered high on the “cool factor”. What can I say they were perfect. So thank you again. I will keep an eye on your website for possible future gifts.
  • Received the box today. Pens look great in there! Thanks.
  • I received the box two days ago. It was sitting on my desk all this time but I haven’t had the time to indulge in it till this morning. It’s wonderful. Thank you. It’s strikes the right balance of being something handmade and unique but also with quality execution.
  • I received the nice cigar box with your special touches awhile back. I’ve been fighting a cold so didn’t get back to you, but I wanted to say I am very pleased with the box. Thank you. Your quick turnaround was appreciated.
  • Wanted to let you know that I got the box and am pleased with the result. Thank you.
  • The box arrived today in good condition. It is beautiful. Even my wife says so, hence it must be true.
  • Got the box today and love it! Perfect color, good quality, a good size, and well built. Thanks, I’ll try and get you a photo.
  • I received your pen box Monday. It is absolutely fantastic, thank you very much!
  • I got the boxes and they are beautiful!  Thank you!
  • I have them safely back in Australia now – they are fabulous
  • The case arrived today and is awesome. Thank you.  I love the green felt you chose and the pen rests/dividers (the flat black paint looks great against the green).
  • As requested here are a few photo’s of the Cain box that arrived a little while ago. I must confess that while it was on its journey I wasn’t sure if it would suit my pens. But, when I put the pens in it………..Wow!!! It looks great and shows off the pens brilliantly. My wife also commented on how good it looks. It has pride of place on my desk along with the Feral pig pen and ink boxes.
  • I neglected to write to tell you that both boxes arrived safely and that they are even better looking in person. Thank you again for your fine work! I’m sure I’ll call on you again should my pen and ink storage needs grow.
  • The Zino arrived today. Just immaculate. I am impressed and I do not impress easily.  Your work is very precise, and it shows.  I can’t find a thing wrong with it. That doesn’t happen very often.  My congratulations!
  • Box arrived today.  And it looks amazing!  It’s perfect. Thanks again!  Lisa
  • Dear John, My ten pen Italian themed plain box just arrived in Sydney in perfect condition. Thank you. It’s perfect for my needs at the moment, and as another of your customers noted, it looks even better ‘in person’ than in the photos. I’ll write you a proper review of the product and your excellent service later.

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