Twelve Pen Tray

Twelve Pen tray with pensUnlike most of my products, this is an open display tray.  The tray holds twelve pens, each up to 6 1/2 inches long, in individual compartments.

After sanding and smoothing with 0000 steel wool, I stained and varnished all the wood pieces, bottom, sides insides, and dividers, with Minwax “Gunstock” stain and Minwax Satin Polyurethane varnish. Next, I lined the bottom, sides and dividers with hunter green 100% wool baize – this is the stuff that is used to cover billiard tables. That took some time, with 49 pieces of baize to cut to shape and affix to the wood surfaces!

The result is a tray that will hold your pens safely, never touching anything but the baize lining, yet allow you to display them on your desk or table.  The tray measures 11 1/2 inches by 7 inches.

The Twelve Pen Baize-lined Tray is priced at $45 plus actual mailing cost.  If you are interested, please email me at and be sure to include your location or ZIP Code for a firm mailing cost quote.

I accept payment by PayPal or if you prefer to pay with a credit card, just let me know and I can email an invoice payable by card.

I mail by Priority Mail in the US and by International First Class Package outside the US.

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Boxes for Consideration

The boxes pictured here are not on my For Sale page because they are not finished and I may not be able to get to them before Christmas.  If you are not trying to order a Christmas gift, though, please do feel free to ask about these for later delivery.

Acid Cigars “Kuba Deluxe” boxes.  The one in front in the picture is exactly as I get them, while the black one has been painted.  I can paint these most any color.  They hold 11 pens and have a view window in the lid.  The other pictures show a previously sold box that was painted burgundy.


I have nine of the Avo Uvezian “Dominant 13th” boxes.  These hold 11 pens and can sit on a shelf like books.

I have four of the CAO Criollo boxes that have four drawers. Each drawer can hold five pens, for a total of 20 pens in the box.  One picture shows the four unfinished and the others show one I sold recently.

For Sale: Three Classic Pen Reference Books

I need to thin the herd a bit, so I’m offering three classic reference books that any pen lover should have on hand. All are in excellent condition, essentially like new.  I’ll give $5 off on each one if you buy two, or $20 off if you buy all three, and of course I’ll combine the mailing cost.

Email me at if you are interested. Here’s the list:

Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden Age of Writing Instruments, by George Fischler and Stuart Schneider

Fountain Pens and PencilsThis classic book is a valuable addition to any pen and/or pencil collector’s library.  This hardcover 10 x 12 inch book, with dust jacket, is in overall excellent condition, essentially like new. Light areas on edges of dust jacket in the picture are glare, not discoloration.

It typically retails for around $70, but  I’m willing to let it go to a good home for $45 plus actual mailing cost.  Offers considered.




Fountain Pens: A Collector’s Guide by Jonathan Steinberg

Fountain PensThis large hardbound book, in excellent condition with intact dust cover, is one of those that every collector should have in their reference library. This copy is in overall excellent condition, practically like new.

This wonderful book can be yours for $25 plus actual mailing cost. Offers considered.





Fountain Pens. Penne Stilografiche. Bella Cosa Series, by Fortis and Vannucchi
Fountain Pens Bella Cosa series FortisISBN 10: 0811810836 / ISBN 13: 9780811810838
Published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1995

142pages, color illustrations throughout. Captions in English and Italian. Pictorial card covers with flaps. The book showcases more than 100 examples of exquisite craftsmanship, featuring outstanding pens designed between 1870 and 1960 by renowned manufacturers.

This book is quite well done and in excellent condition.  A very interesting addition to any pen lover’s library.  Includes more Italian pens than most pen reference books.

Asking $15 plus actual mailing cost.  Offers considered.

FOR SALE: Traveling Inkwell II

Large Traveling Inkwell outer and inner lids open

Large Inkwell both lids open

I’ve decided to offer this restored traveling inkwell for sale. I believe that it would be quite usable for a typical fountain pen.  You can read all about it below, and if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing it, please email me at

I’m asking $40 plus actual mailing cost. Include your location or ZIP Code with any email inquiry so I can figure the mailing cost.

Last October I wrote about having found a small traveling inkwell and restoring it to usable condition.  Here’s the link: A Small Traveling Inkwell  Apparently having that one inkwell was not enough for me.  Recently I purchased a second one, slightly larger than the first.

The first inkwell was 1 3/4″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ tall, while this one is 2″ in diameter and 1 3/4″ tall.  These were made in the dip pen era, so were not planned for filling fountain pens – only a nib had to fit into the neck of the bottle.  The first one, being smaller, has a neck that is a tight fit for a fountain pen – a Sheaffer Snorkel would work well, though – while the second would be much more useful for modern pens.

Because the glass bottle in the heart of these inkwells is the key element, and replacements are not available, I made certain that the second, like the first, had a bottle in good condition.  It was in good cosmetic condition except that its original leather covering was almost gone; the bottom portion was still there to show me that it was very thin brown leather.

It first needed a good cleaning, and to facilitate that, I wanted to remove the glass bottle.  These normally will just lift out, but this one was stuck fast.  Examination showed that there was a thin rim of corrosion right at the shoulder of the bottle, locking it in place.  Over a several day period I applied WD-40 (What else?  The old rule is: if it won’t move and it is supposed to, apply WD-40…) to the corrosion, and after each soaking I scraped at the corrosion with the tip of my X-acto knife.  The bottle would not move.

The next trick was to freeze the entire inkwell in the hope that the different contraction and expansion of the glass bottle vs the metal container might help to break things apart – without breaking the glass.  After a day in the freezer – and yes, my wife did ask what that was in the freezer – and another application of WD-40, the bottle suddenly loosened from the grip of the corrosion and slid out intact.

The remaining corrosion quickly surrendered to my scrubber and the chrome plating shined up nicely.

I noticed that the material covering the spring-loaded lid that serves as a stopper for the bottle was in poor condition, so I fashioned a modern replacement from a thin piece of rubber of about the same color.  I am confident that this will form a tight seal, as I had already used the same solution on the first inkwell.

As before, I used some leather patterned microsuede cloth – brown, this time – to form the “leather” covering for the bottom half of the inkwell.  The technique was the same. Someday I may find some suitably thin leather and try my hand at fitting it to the inkwell, but in the meantime this is a very credible substitute.

The first inkwell, possibly of German origin, featured an unusual small decoration of a girl and some flowers soldered to the lid.  This one, clearly French from the imprint on the inner lid, originally had a doughnut-shaped inlay of matching leather.  I used a bottle with a mouth of just the right diameter for the outside of the doughnut as a template, then used a leather punch to cut the hole in the center.

With the metal parts and the ink bottle cleaned, the new seal material installed, and the faux leather covering in place, the second inkwell is ready for use.

The imprint on the inner lid reads: BREVETES S.G.D.G. PARIS.  This indicates that the design is patented in France, but without any guarantee by the government that it will work.  There is also a star and crescent imprint in the center of the lid.

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A Diamond Creek 1992 Wine Bottle Lamp

Here’s a lamp that incorporates a Diamond Creek ’92 Lake Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon bottle (empty) and its original wooden container.  This was a 20th anniversary edition by Diamond Creek, and my wife and I enjoyed the wine years ago, but I just could not toss the attractive bottle and box.  Finally I realized that it could become the basis for an interesting lamp, and this is the result.

As pictured the lamp stands 26 1/2 inches tall and the footprint is 8 x 8 inches.

The black lampshade is optional.  I’ll be glad to sell the lamp without the shade so that you can add your shade of choice.

The Wine Bottle Lamp is priced at $100 plus shipping as shown with the shade, or $85 plus shipping without the shade.  If you are interested, please email me at and include your address or ZIP Code for a shipping cost quote.

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Cigar Box Lamp

Lamp Edit

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This is just the thing for your man cave or billiard room, a lamp made from repurposed cigar boxes.  In this case, two Oliva boxes and a Java Maduro form the base and it is topped with a drum style black shade.

The base of the lamp is 7″ by 10″ and it stands 23″ tall to the top of the shade.

The socket is a 3-way, so you can choose to use a 3-way bulb or a standard bulb, whatever you prefer.  The cord is six feet long, ending in a standard polarized plug.

I can ship this lamp within the USA only.  It is bulky, but not very heavy, so shipping cost within the USA should not be too high.

An option for the buyer:  Since the lampshade is both bulky and fragile, I am quite willing to sell the lamp without a shade and let you provide your own shade.  I will reduce the price by $15 if you choose this option.

The Oliva/Java Cigar Box Lamp is priced at $75 plus shipping ($60 plus shipping without the shade).  If you are interested, please click here to email me for a shipping cost quote.  Be sure to include your location or ZIP code.